If you have travelled from China or have been in contact with someone confirmed as having Coronavirus in the last two weeks, you may be at risk of Coronavirus. Please do NOT leave the house. Instead, ring  NHS111 if:

  • You have been in China in the last 14 days and develop cough, fever or shortness of breath; or
  • You have been in Wuhan or Hubei Province in the last 14 days or have been in contact with someone confirmed as having Coronavirus, even if you feel well.

Surgery Closing from 12 noon on 27th February 2020 (Thursday)

Usual operation will recommence on Friday (28th February 2020).

Should you need medcal attention when we are closed,  please  contact NHS 111 and for emergencies, call 999 .


New Phone System

At the request of our many patients, we now have a new phone system. Callers will know excatly whre you are in the Q. During this time, we still have many teething problems to resolve, our staff, as always, are doing their best to help but many of these problems are beyond us, your kind patience is therefore important . 

Welcome to Park View Surgery

Park View Surgery was established in Hessle in the 1970s and has a notable history of being a friendly and patient-centred and family-focused practice. Set in a modernised health environment within the National Health Services (NHS), our patient list size has grown to approximately 4500, of which 3% resides in care homes. In partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (ERYCCG) and based on a General Medical Services (GMS) contract, quality patient-focused care remains our top priority.

Operating within an extremely dynamic healthcare environment, Dr Lee in the lead of his dedicated team, is continuing to ensure individualised patient care approaches with a strong emphasis on  confidence and self-caring attitudes and behaviours of patients. Careful attention and effort are therefore devoted to maintaining our established good partnership with ERYCCG, optimising the available resources and modern technologies for cost-effective and ethical care delivery.

Our Vision

To be recognised as a valuable partner with our service users and health professionals in providing individualised and quality care approaches that inspire good health management and well-being.

Our Mission

Embracing up-to-date evidence based primary healthcare practice, building on trust, respect and collaborative relationships with our patients, and working with secondary care  and third party health and social services to provide high quality healthcare services which inspire self-caring behaviours

Our Core Values

Underpinning our vision and driving our mission are our 4 core values:

  • Integrity and Ethics:  We adhere to high moral principles and professional fundamentals to build a person-focused and family-centred practice that supports our vision.
  • Respect for Human Rights, Privacy and Confidentiality:  Our work is guided and informed by our commitment to respect all individuals and their rights, privacy and confidentiality. We value diversity, commit to equality and strive to build a trusting and nurturing culture where our staff are motivated and supported to give their best to our patients.
  • Innovation and Evidence-Based Practice:  We use resources efficiently and effectively to integrate knowledge and evidence-based policies, programmes, practices, principles and management techniques to continue and enhance collaboration, assessment, communication, decision-making and execution for best possible patient outcomes.
  • Drive and Commitment to Care:  We are passionate about effective quality treatments and sustainable health programmes. Our staff is engaged with drive and commitment to foster compassionate patient relationships and strive to exceed our patients’ expectations.

Our Proud Achievement

We were assessed and verified on 5th August 2019 to have 97% compliance to infection prevention and control stadards as set by the ERYCCG..  We  want to thank everyone who have visited the surgery,  for you must have given the environment its due attention, for such exceptional results.  While staff at all level will continue to maintain the same high stadard,  we wish to thank all in advance to do the same, so that all our service users and providers can continue to enjoy a clean and safe environment.


Disability Drop off

There is one disabled drop off in the front of the surgery.  All visitors should park responsibly using available street parking and should not block the surgery for emergency access.

Our surgery is wheelchair accessible.

Due to resource constraints, we are unable to provide a chaperone wheelchair service. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.