Home Visits

Appointments must be made before 11:00 am on the day. This is allow appointments to be fufilled on the same day when the request was made.

Prior to the visit, the doctor may telephone you to decide whether or not a visit is appropriate for a particular set of circumstances.

We kindly request, apart from those genuinely housebound, that all patients attend the surgery. This request is made because the time taken to conduct one single home visit allows an average of 4 to 5 patients to be seen in the surgery. In addition, the care offered in any home visit is compromised due to inadequate lighting, examination facilities and equipment, that you may not receive a service as effective as what the doctor could offer if the care was given in the surgery.


Expectations not met by us?

Tell us about it. You can do so by putting your concerns in writing and post it to us, or if you prefer, hand it to us at the reception. We can then investigate to see if we should improve, or you should be updated regarding current provision for adjustment of your expectations. You may be called via telephone or asked to attend a meeting at the surgery to assist with the investigation. The finings are then given to you durign the meeting or post to you in writing.

If you are not satified with our findings and/or response, you can file a formal complain with NHS England Another invetigation will then be carried out.

Therafter, if you are still not satisfied with the response from the surgery via NHS England, you can escalate your complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

*The surgery has zero tolearance for any false allegations and bullying, this means anyone displaying such behaviours risk being removed from our surgery list without notice.