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Use the NHS App to book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and access a range of other healthcare services. 

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Online Repeat Prescriptions

Update us with your email address to register for an additional repeat prescription service at Patient Access


Please note that all online requests are managed as soon as possible. However, your request may not be responded to on the same working day; this includes via our general email, at If you think your matter requires immediate attention within the next 72 hours, kindly call the surgery at 01482 648552.

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1. This is our additional web-based platform to our existing online appointment booking system to allow asynchronous text-based consultations in primary care. Please do not use this for medical emergencies or urgent nursing care for you may not receive a response quick enough for health outcomes that rely heavily on time sensitive medical/nursing interventions;

2. Your online mesages will be filtered in the same way as telephone calls are care navigated, this is to allow the surgery's responses to be delivered in a timely fashion;

3.Please do not expect the same day response in all cases; i.e. responses may NOT be WITHIN the stipulated consultation same day response time;  

4. 25% of our available appointments are conducted in this form on a daily basis. The 25% appointments are shared between the GP, and the Nurse Consultant; 

4. Engage Consult is for your convenience, and not for anyone to abuse staff time with 'problems' solvable by seeking non-surgery based treatment/attention; 

3. You should not use this for 'urgent' administrative matters such as repeat prescriptions, sick/fit note, and letters for third parties, etc. Meeting patient requests remains to be conducted in an orderly fashion to ensure equal primary healthcare access.